Yahoo and IBM Offer FREE Corporate Search

Google offers a search appliance that can search up to 500,000 documents. Now Yahoo and IBM are teaming up to offer a free search tool (for download) that can also search up to 500,000 documents on a corporate network (or any other place).
The Associated Press writes More broadly, though, Yahoo and IBM expect their partnership to shake up the field of “enterprise search,” in which leading providers such as Google, Autonomy Corp. and Norway-based FAST are seeing forays from business software giants such as Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp. and SAP AG.
Search is a much needed application for businesses. In fact the new version of Windows Vista will include a built in desktop search tool to make it easier to find documents. Microsoft, Yahoo and Google already offer a tool one can download for free to search a desktop much faster than the one currently built into Windows.
Between companies being required to save documents and human “tech” nature being adding documents to folders (never deleting) over the years and months you get a treasure trove (or garbage trove) of digital information. Even the best organized persons have trouble finding a memo after a few months.