Your Customer’s Cell Phones + Your Data Via SMS. Wow

Everyone has a cell phone. It’s the most popular communications tool – beyond more complex smartphones, PDAs and other things. Although everyone’s cell phone can’t access the Internet, check email or wash dishes, everyone’s cell phone can definitely communicate via SMS – short message service.
What if you could have your own SMS keyword and let customers get information from you via SMS? 4INFO’s Open Platform is the solution.
Using 4INFO’s Open Platform you can take your data and enable your own customers to SMS you, add a keyword and get information.
Using 4INFO’s web-based forms and tools, anyone can quickly and easily setup a keyword that triggers the retrieval of the appropriate data from a content feed on your existing web server. Users can receive your content by texting this keyword (eg ‘myservice’) or keyword + search term (eg ‘myservice chicago’) to 4INFO (44636). 4INFO then translates the SMS text message into a web application request, takes the result, and translates it back into SMS, allowing you to easily setup and maintain mobile distribution of your information and content.
If you have data that you wish your customers, employees, partners, or others could more easily get via their cell phone – 4INFO can set this service up for you.