Archive of January 2007

Windows Beast-a

Guest Column – Lena West, xynoMedia – I’d love to meet whomever is in charge of product releases over at Microsoft. I’ve got a few choice words for them. All of our clients are asking how switching to Windows Beast-a (ahem…Vista) fits with their IT strategy. Do you think we should switch? Should we switch […]

Crying Wolf About VOIP Security

I’ve been reading a lot of reports about VOIP security and wanted to know if it was hype or a reality. I’m not sure why I questioned it, but for some reason the huge cry about VOIP security – as opposed to other security issues – didn’t sound quite right. M5 Network’s John Hendry, CTO […]

Linked In: Does it Work or Not?

Some people swear by LinkedIn, others, like myself, don’t think it’s all its cracked up to be. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing (who will be speaking at Small Business Summit 2007) asked about LinkedIn on his blog and received almost 40 replies. I’d highly suggest you read through these replies to evaluate LinkedIn for […]

Symantec Buys Altiris

Maybe the news is not big to you, but in the world of PC Management, it’s big news. Altiris is a leading company of computer management software. Symantec wants to grow into other growth areas way beyond its core security offerings. This purchase is one way to do it. eChannel Line writes The companies said […]

Web 2.0 is NOT Hype. It IS for your business.

I was at a meeting yesterday hosted by the New York: Media Information Exchange Group, founded by Bill Sobel, about new media. The speakers were Jim Turner (A&E), Dina Kaplan (, Ben Harris (IBM), and moderator was John C. Havens (author of Guide to Podcasting and affiliated with a ton of other things). I […]