60 Minutes Gets It With Geeks. Is Mac the solution?

I was driving in my car Sunday night, near the Holland Tunnel in NJ and what do I hear?

A 60 Minutes piece about Best Bey’s Geek Squad. My initial reaction, was, what a coup for Best Buy’s PR team to orchestrate such a high level story.
My second reaction was, what great validation for the great service that geeks do in the world of business computing. But the 60 Minutes piece got me thinking about more, a lot more.
1. On the train today I struck up a conversation with a mild-techie. I don’t think he’s a tech nut like me, but he’s an entrepreneur and knows what’s going on with the digital economy. He was telling me how he recently bought a Mac computer after years (as in growing up) of using a computer. His entire experience, so far has been flawless.
Of course Macs have problems, like any man-made product but he said 1) support at the Mac store was amazing (they even added stuff to his computer for free) 2) when you plug something into a Mac..it just works (I’ve heard this before) 3) his main complaint was that there is not as much business software and that things like the broadband PC Cards we have on notebooks are only now for the Mac – and it’s from one vendor (Sprint) via a USB key.
2. If you want to ensure you get help it’s so important to consider this support when you buy your computer. Your support options are a) get support from your hardware vendor (such as Dell) as long as you have a support contract b) support from Geek Squad, CompUSA or some other retailer c) support from your local IT consultant d) DYI (do it yourself) support by sleuthing on Google or some other search engine
My hat’s off to the geeks amongst us – professional or cereal chewing high-schoolers who help us keep our computers running in tip-top shape.
Of course, for businesses, it’s best to rely on professionals.

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  1. Moe

    the problem with the geeks is that they dont handle most electronics other than computers. In many cases, online tech support communities, like http://www.fixya.com, is the only place to get solutions for your problem.

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