Backwards Web Site Design

If you are serious about building a great web site, don’t bother starting with a web design program, you’ve got to first start with interviews and brainstorming, writes Todd Follansbee for Wilson Web.
His 10 points include:
Interviews, brainstorm, information groups, sales ladders, storyboard, review/test, navigation, designers, build the site, launch/monitor/refine.
Have you noticed that the biggest part of web site design is about the THINKING behind the web site, it’s like building a house. Before you start building a house, a lot of the time goes into really thinking about what functionality the house should have, where it should be and etc. All of this is determined by WHO will be using the house. Your web site is no different.
I would also highly recommend you read, “10 Musts for Building Business Class Web Sites“. Although I wrote this about 3 years ago, the points are still practical for today.
For many people a web site is all about the technical aspects of the site, it’s about HTML coding and graphics. However, good web site design is like writing a book. Considering who your audience is, what your goals are and making sure you reach those goals.
You can read the full Wilson Web article here.
I would also HIGHLY recommend you read the book “Killer Web Content”, which I reviewed here. The author lays out the case for why CONTENT is so important and what the benefits of GOOD content are.