BenQ Mobile – Goes Out of Business

BenQ Mobile will shut down today. The IHT reports that The German mobile phone unit that the Taiwan company BenQ bought from Siemens will shut down, a spokeswoman for its insolvency administrator said Tuesday, after no investor stepped in to rescue it.
If you have a BenQ product, I guess you should go online and download all the drivers and manuals you can. When a company goes out of business and you have invested money in its products all is not lost as their resellers, IT generalists, competitors and maybe others can help out.
BenQ’s web site is pretty empty about this issue and the latest press release is from October 31st.
Let’s hope the thousands of employees (about 2,500 who don’t have jobs yet – out of 3,000) get employment.
What would you do if you came to work one day and heard that a major computer vendor, whose equipment you have a lot of, was going out of business?
If this happened you probably would not have much to worry about. However, your concern should be what to do if you had a hardware failure, needed support and could not get it from the vendor. This is where a local technology consultant’s support is invaluable.
Read the full IHT article here.