Busines Podcasting Expo 2007

Tonight I’m hosting a “virtual seminar” for the Business Podcasting Expo 2007.
The Business Podcasting Expo 2007 is operated by the joint venture between 1st Podcast Publishing and Co-OpWorld.
What I’ve been quite impressed with is the clarity of the sound. My first taste of this was working with Co-OpWorld’s founder to run through a learning session. I could hear his voice like he was right next to me. But he was in Australia.
Co-OpWorld uses “Talking Communities” software (a web browser plug-in) to provide the audio (via PC – no phone), chat and screen sharing tool. All of it worked quite well and was easy to do.
I could also record my presentation, which came out crystal clear.
Web presentations are not new, but after having only listened and seen many for many years, this was the first one that I led.
I simply clipped a microphone to my shirt and plugged it into the “microphone” jack of my notebook. For added effect, I plugged in some speakers so I could hear the other participants quite clear.
The audio portion of the system is not two-way but more like a walkie-talkie. You press “control” or a button on the plug-in to talk and release it when you are done talking.
Only problem was my connection dropped every few minutes, which caused a 30 second pause several times in my presentation. It was probably due to my Verizon wireless broadband. The entire Internet connection did not drop but I think the web cast plug-in and the wireless connection had an “issue”.
Live Office, WebEx and many others offer web conferencing tools. I’m really a believer, maybe you will be too.

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  1. PennyHaynes

    Ramon, your seminar was fantastic, and the perfect accompaniment to podcasting courses as well. Some podcasting fanatics don’t realize that a lot of people still prefer their content delivered via email, and your ideas about how to make the most out of those emails were excellent. Thank you for joining us at the BizPodExpo and sharing your expertise.

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