Buying A Refurbished Computer – the Pros and Cons

Some people buy a refurbished computer to save money. This is not a bad idea, but with computer prices going lower and lower it’s really not worth it. Dell has a new computer that starts at about $400. Why get a used one that comes with minimal software and questionable origins? Sure, there’s a warranty, but I’d budget for a new computer.
Some companies, the NY Times writes, decide to purchase a refurbished computer in order to help the environment. Not a bad idea.
Jared Selzter is the information technology director of the Center for a New American Dream, a small environmental group. tells the NY Times, “I wasn’t losing anything by not buying new. And it was good that I was being true to what we’re about.”
Selzter goes on Refurbished computers, he explained, are not generally made from old clunkers on their last legs. They are typically returned by buyers shortly after delivery and spruced up by the manufacturer. And they often have the same guarantees that new computers do.
Looking at Dell’s Outlet web site for refurbished computers there were none available for under $1,000 and only one available for under $1,500.
When buying a computer to save money – don’t. But if you want to help the environment consider donating time, money or in-kind goods and services to a non-profit organization. Consider training your employees in how to be environmentally friendly. Consider doing things within your company to be more environmentally friendly.
For computers you are getting rid of – consider disposing of them properly or donating them.
Read the full NY Times article here.