Cable or DSL: Sit Back and Watch the Fight

Cable providers are fighting for YOUR business. It’s great because you will hopefully get lower and lower prices (from them and telcos offering DSL) and better service.
I don’t think there’s one service better than the other per se, it really depends on your needs and the local area you are in.
The WSJ writes Operators such as Cablevision and Time Warner Inc., using networks originally designed for transmitting television signals, are making major pushes to offer packages of phone, TV and high-speed Internet service to small and midsize businesses, often undercutting local phone companies’ prices. Comcast Corp., the country’s largest cable operator by number of subscribers, says offering services geared to small and midsize businesses will be its top new priority of 2007 and 2008.
The article continues to read Cable and phone companies once operated in distinctly different markets, and for decades didn’t compete. The current war began in the late 1990s as they wrestled over the fledgling high-speed Internet business. More recently, they invaded each other’s home turf, with cable companies rolling out voice services and phone companies entering the TV business.
Cable operators say they are able to charge less because phone companies traditionally have marked up their services for business customers more than for residential ones. Many phone companies charge business customers roughly $300 a month for so-called T1 data lines, which typically deliver data at rates of 1.5 megabits per second. When workers go home, many use cable broadband services that offer five megabits per second but cost only $45 a month.