Email Problems Solved – Big Problem. Easy Solution.

For several months I’ve had problems with email in two ways 1) email sent to my email account was not being removed from the server of my email host when downloaded to my computer via Outlook. 2) Since the email was piling up I was quickly reaching the “mega-byte” limit on my email account.
I solved this problem today.
The solution was simple but the problem was huge and really impeding my email communication with others as at times my email box would be full. When you receive several 10MB attachments – your email can get quickly filled.
In any case I simply deleted the email accounts and re-instated them, now when email is downloaded the email is removed from the email box of my email provider like it should be.
The other thing is that my web/email host upgraded my email account to 100MB from 25MB. I know 100MB sounds like a little when people are used to Google’s 2GB accounts but 100MB is fine since I download my email to Outlook and don’t use email online.
Lesson learned? Big problems sometimes have easy answers if you take the time to figure it out.