File Maker Integrates with Microsoft Office

File Maker Pro is one of the easiest and most feature rich databases on the market. Unfortunately if you use Microsoft Office you still have to go through a few hoops to integrate the two applications.
Today, FileMaker is offering a free download tool to make it easier to use the two together. The Office Optimizer Kit lets you keep working in Microsoft Office while enjoying the power and richness of FileMaker’s databases.
If you have your data in Excel, as I know MANY of you do, you can simply drag your Excel spreadsheet to FileMaker and let FileMaker automatically create a database for you. A spreadsheet is a terrible tool for organizing most types of information, other than figures.
If you want to use Word to merge mailing labels, letters and other things, go right ahead. Just let FileMaker manage the database and seamlessly work with Word to create great letters.