Half of Small Business Still Don’t Have Web Sites

The Kelsey Group has done research which shows that out of 25 million small businesses – 46% do not have web sites.
I think the 46% are thinking that they don’t need one because there’s no use. They have their retail store or other type of businesses and that’s fine. I’m sure they will be fine for years to come, but many of them could be losing customers or not replenishing their supply of customers because of a lack of a web site.
I’ll admit that some businesses need a web site more than others, but EVERY business needs a web site. Homestead.com founder Justin Kitch will speak about this and other issues at Small Business Summit 2007.
As more and more people use the Internet to search for things online, having a Web site is simply a MUST.
It’s not for lack of money or expertise that most small businesses don’t have a web site, it’s mainly because they feel they don’t need it and many are probably thinking of other things – like running their business.
CNN Money writes “When customers are doing research for purchases, they are going to the Web,” said Jed Alpert, vice president of marketing for WebCollage, a provider of online media technology based in New York City. “Sales that happen in the store are influenced by online research.”
Guess what else?
Many web sites who have “under construction signs” on them. TAKE THESE SIGNS DOWN. They look so unprofessional. Many sites also LOOK so bad. Give them a refreshment. One measure, potential customers are going to evaluate you by is according to how your web site looks.

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