CEO Will Declare That ‘Your Small Business is Dead,’ During Keynote Address at Small Business Summit 2007 press release Justin Kitch, founder and CEO of, a company providing website creation software, ecommerce and online marketing products and services for small businesses, will boldly declare that “your small business is dead,” during his keynote address at Small Business Summit 2007 on February 13th at the Crown Plaza Hotel in New York. Although, Mr. Kitch will offer the “tongue and cheek” statement to the audience of small business professionals — his message is to educate business owners regarding the negative consequences of not marketing their products and services online and to debunk the myth that websites are a medium being utilized by the vast majority of small business owners.
Mr. Kitch will also discuss the importance of search engine optimization and the five reasons he feels that online marketing is more important than traditional advertising.
“Research has shown us time and time again, that websites are the most
efficient and cost-effective means of marketing a business,” said Justin
Kitch. “Small business owners are simply not creating websites and
marketing online in pace with the growth of the Internet and consumers’
demand for the products and services that they offer. The failure for small
businesses to participate in online marketing will have negative
implications for the growth of small businesses, and will provide
larger-sized competitors with additional economic opportunity, because
they’ve figured out how to leverage the technology for their benefit.”
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