How Click 2 Call Works for Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig’s all about helping people lose weight and look better through Jenny Craig’s weight loss program. Marketing Sherpa writes that Jenny Craig Inc. doesn’t conduct transactions online primarily because they don’t want to abandon the in-person and over-the-phone relationships between clients and consultants that built the brand.
But getting people who click on banners or search ads to take the next step in the purchasing process is never easy.

In order to bridge this gap between online sales and human interaction Jenny Craig used a “Click to Call” service from Estara
If you are in a business where face to face (or at least person to person) communication is important to you then a service that lets customers initiate a phone call from you with just a mouse click could be important to the growth of your business, as it has been for Jenny Craig.
You can read the full Marketing Sherpa article here.
If you have to invest a lot of up-front money to implement a click to call solution, slow down. It’s best to first TEST the waters and see if you can pay either a small amount up-front and/or pay as you use the service. If after an initial test, the service is wildly successful you can invest more money.