IBM: Bringing Social Networking to Corporations

Using a myriad of software your company can benefit from social networking. Much of the software is freely available or low cost and was started for more of a consumer use (like Second Life) than for business use.
However, IBM (as expected) is offering software, “Lotus Connections” that lets companies leverage social networking within (and I guess without) the corporate walls.
The NY Times writes Lotus Connections has five components ó activities, communities, dogear (a bookmarking system), profiles and blogs ó aimed at helping experts within a company connect and build new relationships based on their individual needs.
All of these technologies are readily available in whole are in part through Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Delicious, many blogging platforms (Blogger, Typepad) and other technologies.
However, there’s not one company providing a suite of these tools, with support, for corporations. Microsoft is the only company, so far who can challenge IBM to provide services like this at any significant scale.
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One thought on “IBM: Bringing Social Networking to Corporations

  1. Marc Canter

    Hey – it s great to se teh world discover corproate social networking.

    I’ve posted a few ideas as to what the hell is this – anyway?

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