Is Your Perimeter Secure? Get a Free Scan.

Knowing how secure your network is and knowing the vulnerabilities it has and does not have is vital to protecting your business’ data. In order to increase awareness for its services, Perimeter eSecurity is offering a free external vulnerability assessment followed with a review by an expert security analyst.
Assuming there’s no “catch”, I’d highly encourage you to take them up on this offer.
BIG companies get network scans all the time. They are costly, but what better way to test your security than by having an expert, “play hacker” and test your network.
Just this week, yet “another company”, TJMaxx Companies reported that they had a massive security breach in December. TJMaxx includes – TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Bob’s Stores.
TJX has since hired both IBM and General Dynamics Corp. to help it evaluate the extent of the data compromises and implement unspecified security upgrades designed to better protect its systems, reports Computer World.
Wouldn’t it be great to know about holes in your network BEFORE the hackers found them? If you can get a scan for free and talk to a security expert…why not?
Network vulnerability assessments help companies determine the threats, risks, and the general security level of their networks by scanning for open ports and vulnerabilities in order to proactively identify areas of potential compromise. Vulnerability Assessments, Intrusion Defense, and Risk Assessments work in concert to provide the most comprehensive Internet security.
After an intrusion to your network and you lose data is the WRONG TIME to worry about your network. Consider the security of your network and do all you can to strengthen it.
Remember, the technical aspects of network security is only part of security. You also have to make sure your staff are not manipulated into giving up information.
In Kevin Mitnick’s book, The Art of Deception, he writes that many of his hacks where not technical marvels, but simply social engineering and deception.