It’s Getting Easier to Run Windows on a Mac

Right now you can install a Windows operating system and Windows software on a Mac computer. The problem is that you can’t run both Windows and Mac operating systems at the same time – until now.
CNN writes that the last version of Parallels allowed you to run both operating systems at once, it still required you to switch back and forth between the two. Now, however, Parallels’ Coherence product, which the company says will ship by mid-February, lets you keep multiple windows open on your desktop, just as you normally would, running a variety of applications. Except now you can switch between windows running Windows and Mac applications just as if they were all Mac. (Parallels costs $79, though Mac owners also have to buy a copy of Windows to use it.)
What does this mean for your business.
This means two things.
Mac users can run Windows even easier on their Mac computers. This also means, that PC users can purchase PCs from Dell, HP and other vendors and run Mac software on them!
That’s kind of revolutionary.
Why would you want to do that, as the CNN article mentions, Mac is so much easier than Windows.
Of course Windows Vista is now more Mac like but Mac is still easier. I’ve never used a Mac but maybe one day I will.