Lenovo: Great Support

Last August, after extensive review I purchased a Lenovo 3000 N100 notebook. Great price for the features. Recently two things started to happen.
1. The keyboard gets stuck (shift, enter, arrow keys)
2. When I place things on top of the computer with the lid closed the LCD screen goes bonkers.
I’m not sure if the second problem is because I should not set anything on top of it or because it’s a delicate machine. I don’t recall IBM Thinkpads being as gentle – but then again, that’s why Lenovo sells the Thinkpads (premium line) and Lenovo brand (lower cost brand).
I placed a support ticket to Lenovo via their web site about the keyboard issue. A few hours later a technician called me!
He told me that they would send me a box to return the notebook in. Guess what – they did.
I expect hardware to not work, so don’t fault Lenovo for this. My main concern is what does a vendor do once a customer expresses a complaint.
So far Lenovo has preformed flawlessly.