LinkedIn’s Got Answers

Sometimes you have a question and just don’t know who to turn to or where to turn. I turn to my discussion group hosted by Fast Company Magazine, Company of Friends. Some of you might have your own discussion group (please send me your suggestions via the comment feature).
LinkedIn has provided a new forum for questions and answers via LinkedIn for free. I recently used Google’s (now disbanded) and Yahoo’s Answers forum. Google’s was fee based but worked quite well. Yahoo’s was free – but didn’t give me many answers.
One of the questions recently asked on LinkedIn by search engine expert Kevin Lee was “What’s on your 2007 Google, Yahoo and Microsoft adCenter Wish List?” So far there are 17 replies. Kevin asked this for his weekly Clickz column.
If LinkedIn works this well – giving several answers from various professionals, to one question, it’s got to be a good thing.
Of course the question you need to asked will determine where you should ask your question at. For many basic business question, SCORE is a great place. You can visit them in person at your local office or ask them online.