Looking at Wiki’s and Collaboration

I’m a firm believer in looking at larger companies as a guide of sorts for smaller businesses – to a degree. InfoWorld reviewed four enterprise class Wiki tools and reading the review will give you some guidance in what to look for in a Wiki you might want for your business. Maybe your wiiki won’t have all the bells and whistles of these tools but you can at least get an idea.
Whether you use a free or free based Wiki know what you are looking for and how it can best meet your needs.
There’s many great Wikis for free and for free such as Wetpaint (there’s more but this is one I’ve tried out)
A Wiki is a good tool to consider if you want several people to maintain a web site or document. I’ve been using Google Docs which has a nice collaboration component for documents and spreadsheets.
It’s not a wiki but is a good collaboration tool.
Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Groove are also good collaboration tools. Check out an overview of them from Infoworld.