Making Podcasting Easy with Podomatic

Recording a podcast is hard enough. You’ve got to get a good micrphone, quiet room (if possible) and the hardest part, make it so your audience wants to listen to it. As John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing says, his podcasts are long enough for a quick jog, train ride, etc.
One service I came across is Podomatic.
Once PodOmatic has your audio file, uploaded through Podomatic’s online wizard, the audio file is encoded and syndicated it to all podcast directories.
If you want, you can then access PodOmatic’s listener statistics to see who is listening and leverage PodOmatic’s set of online promotional tools to brand your podcasts and grow their audience. Companies can also use PodMail, to deliver an audio or video private announcement to any person in your email database.
I’m sure you could do podcasting in-house but is it really the most efficient use of your resources? Podomatic notes that some of the challenges you will have to deal with every time you want to publish a podcast include:
Encoding bitrates – Make a mistake and your show will not play in certain players
Syndication – How does RSS and XML work? As new standards evolve such as RSS2.0 and ATOM will you be able to ensure you are following accepted protocols?
Dozens of podcast directories – Many directories have different rules pertaining to submission; understanding these rules and complying with them takes time.
Podcasting is Bandwidth Business – Can your station secure the most competitive pricing the market has to offer?
Reliability – Will your system design include redundancy and other availability assurances?
Listener Statistics – Will you build a second system to track, downloads, pageviews, subscribers, and other data such as geographic IPs which your advertisers will need to purchase spots?
Audience participation and promotional tools – Online interaction and promotion is key to growing on-and-off line listeners.
Usability – Can everyone at your station use the tool? Or do they have to be a trained engineer?< Here’s what you get for free:
Podcasting & Videocasting Services
-Browser-based Recording tools
-Syndication Wizard
-Audience Participation tools
-Promotion tools
-Listener Statistics
For a fee you get more tools and services.