Making Your Firewall More Secure

Your firewall is one of the most important security devices (hardware or software) on your computer and computer network. Without a firewall your network is open – like an unlocked door – to any hacker, or nut case who wants to access the data on your network.
The problem is that many of you HAVE firewalls but guess what – they are not properly configured. You get them from the box, slap them on your network and think that’s it.
That’s not it.
First of all, make sure your IT consultant is a professional and knows security and can properly configure the firewall.
Secondly check out a great 10 step plan in IT Security.
The 10 steps, in summary are:
Install SP2 onto your Windows Operating System
Enable Auto Updates for the Firewall
Tweaking the Settings to your Usage
Keeping Settings Consistent Across Networks
Add Multiple Layers to your PC and Security System.
Use Strong Passwords
A 128-bit WEP Encryption on your Wireless Network
Standby is your PC’s Best Friend
Test #1: Looking for Leaks
Test #2: Checking the Ports
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