Seagate Free Agent – Way Beyond Storage (Looks & Features)

Today, hard disk manufacturer Seagate is launching a new line of storage products and services – Free Agent.
It’s focused primarily on the “consumer” market of Ipod toting, digital camera snapping, cell phone video taping folks, but also has implications for smaller businesses. If you’ve only thought of Seagate as boring storage – you’ll have to re-train your mind.
There’s three hardware product lines – Data Movers, Desktop and Go
The new Seagate FreeAgent data movers are designed with hardware and software features for users seeking to keep their growing digital content and media files at their fingertips. All Seagate FreeAgent data movers carry a five-year limited warranty. Even your computer and Ipod don’t have warranty’s which last that long.
Free Agent data movers come in sizes of 320GB, 500GB and 750GB. Quite big enough to store a LOT of information, as many desktop hard disks are no more than 100 – 200GB.
The hardware, looking pretty snazzy is one part of Seagate’s new offering. The software, is what makes everything come together.
The included software, according to the press release, allows consumers to automatically synchronize content they select wherever they want it — like automatically transferring your latest project files to a flash drive, copying your email and contacts from Microsoft Outlook to an iPod, accessing or auto loading your favorite photos to a Shutterfly account, or quickly syncing your entire ‘My Documents’ folders to the FreeAgent Pro drive. FreeAgent Pro data movers provide an entirely new way to interact with and manage digital content, providing much more than just storage.
In addition to the full suite of software tools, every FreeAgent Pro data mover includes access to your own private Seagate Internet Drive, an online service that provides a “24/7 ATM” to post, access and share your favorite files from anywhere using the Web. The FreeAgent Pro data mover will include a trial offer of 500 megabytes of online space, which is free of charge for the first six months and upgradeable anytime. Access to the Seagate Internet Drive will be password-protected, so users can safely provide access to their content to trusted friends and family.
The combination of hardware, software and online service makes storage a complete anytime/anywhere seamless experience.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) ranges from $199.99 (320GB) to $419.99 (750GB) for both modules.
FreeAgent Go (80GB, 120GB, 160GB) and FreeAgent Go Small (12GB) data movers are a second level of hardware devices, with a small form factor (fits in your hand).
The Go line of products give you the freedom to carry your computing environment with you — including Web favorites, passwords and settings, IM, email, contacts and digital files — without having to haul around your laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug a FreeAgent Go data mover into any Windows computer’s USB 2.0 port at work, the airport, a business center, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house so that you have your personal computing experience with you wherever you go.
When finished, your private information and personalized settings are stored on the FreeAgent Go data mover, not on the host computer.
The MSRP for FreeAgent Go Small is $139.99 (12GB); FreeAgent Go ranges from $129.99 (80GB) to $189.99 (160GB).
The final hardware line in the FreeAgent series is the FreeAgent Desktop data movers (250GB, 320GB, 500GB). These devices look great and are add-on storage (no fancy software) for holding your digital world.
MSRPs range from $149.99 (250GB) to $249.99 (500GB).