Sew What? Technology, That’s What!

Posted by Lena L. West, Creator of The Technology Diet

Dell & NFIB are accepting applications for their Excellence Awards. The award is given to the company that makes great strides by using technology. It’s kinda like when the teacher rewards the students who get the best grades. Makes sense – and I’m all for it. What I find amazing is last year’s winner…
Business owners always have some reason or other that they are not using technology strategically. They don’t have the time. They don’t have the expertise – and don’t know where to look. They’re waiting until their company gets larger. (Yeah, that makes sense, let’s leave off strategic planning until we’re REALLY strapped for time!)
But, take a look at the folks over at Sew What? Now, this is proof in the pudding that you can start with the little things and *PLAN* for more substantial technology investments. The little things build on each other to form a strategy of big things. This is a company that has started out with 3 employees and has grown to 32. The owner admits that they could have never done it without technology. Here’s what they did:
1) Sew What started by optimizing their then 6 page web site. Easy enough.
2) Then they developed their own customized software so they could streamline their production process and performance. A step-up in the investment but still do-able.
3) They have even digitized their compliance process by scanning the fabric manufacturer’s flame retardant certificate number into their system. Again, streamlining and organizing. An intern could do this.
If a company that designs *drapery* for entertainment leaders like Madonna, Rolling Stone Magazine and the Vienna International Film Festival can commit to thinking bigger about technology – what’s your excuse?
If you want to check out the Sew What? Dell/NFIB award video, you can do so here. The video is about 4 minutes long and it might just spur you to get your business in lock-step with technology for 2007.