St. Bernard’s LivePrism – Email, Chat and Web Filtering

Today St. Bernard Software launche their LivePrism service, a hosted solution for email protection, instant message content filtering, and web content filtering. At $4 a month, this service is quite affordable.

In addition to content filtering, an anti-virus scanner is also included in the suite of services. If you have your own email server via your ISP or in-house that’s fine. But if you are looking for another solution, one that you don’t have to deal with, St. Bernard’s LivePrism can host your email and provide shared calendar and archiving as well.
The good thing about “on demand” solutions is that there’s no software to install and really nothing for you to worry about. Someone else remotely monitors and protects your important online tools – email, web, chat.
Steven Yin, St. Bernard’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing explained to me that St. Bernard Software is 100% focused on the small business – medium sized business market. They are not just another “large” vendor trying to muscle into the small business space just because it’s getting harder to sell to the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 as some of its competitors are doing.
In 2006 St. Bernard bought SingleFin which provided hosted email and network protection services. LivePrism is the results of this apparently well thought purchase. I covered SingleFin here.
You can get a free trial of LivePrism, so there’s nothing to lose but your time.
LivePrism is one of four solutions from St. Bernard, including:
iPrism, which is an appliance that provides internet filtering
Open File Manager, is an application that lets your backup software open up opened files, as often times opened files get skipped during the backup process
Update Expert is a tool to use to ensure your software has the latest patches and updates