Super-Server: The True Worry Free Computing Experience

I recently sat down with Frank Butler, President and CEO of Super-Server who showed me something that was pretty amazing. It’s not new, but is probably quite new for many small businesses. Actually a new way of computing.

Super-Server, provides a virtual desktop (software and files included) from any computer with an Internet connection.
If you’ve used Gotomypc or some other remote control solution then you’re already familiar with being able to access your desktop remotely.
With Super-Server it’s not just being able to access one desktop but your entire company (all your employees)- one computer or 50 computers can use Super-Saver to pay for computing solutions like you pay for water and access their computer’s desktop from anywhere.
Imagine going to the library, logging in to Super-Server and being able to see your computer desktop just like you would at your office. Super-Server hosts a standard suite of tools – Microsoft Office (including email), Internet Explorer and more. You access all of this remotely. What if you need a custom application like Microsoft Office Accounting or Word Perfect? Super-Server can add this software to your desktop as well.
The other feature of Super-Server is backup. If your entire office goes down in flames, you can simply logon to any computer and be back up and running instantly.
Super-Server can also work with you to enable you to have your files locally but backed up to Super-Server’s servers. There’s a lot of flexibility Super-Server has.
You can expect to pay from $50 – $150 per employee for Super-Saver’s services. Compare this cost to buying Microsoft Office, anti-virus products, paying technical staff, support costs and any other hidden and/or up-front costs.
Frank told me that in many cases his customers realize that instead of paying thousands of dollars to purchase new computers, support and software they can use Super-Server and save a lot of money. Since Super-Server provides a virtual desktop, the business can use an older computer that might not normally be able to run Windows Vista, for example.
Need a phone system? Need fax? Super-Saver can supply these as well.
Super-Server has a robust support center that manages their customers computing experience to ensure they are optimally connecting to Super-Server.