Symantec Buys Altiris

Maybe the news is not big to you, but in the world of PC Management, it’s big news. Altiris is a leading company of computer management software. Symantec wants to grow into other growth areas way beyond its core security offerings. This purchase is one way to do it.

eChannel Line writes The companies said that the deal would use Symantec’s expertise in endpoint security, compliance and back-up in combination with Altiris’ endpoint management skills, to create what they say “will be the most comprehensive endpoint suite available.”
What does this mean to you?
If you or your IT consultant are used to buying from smaller vendors, you’ll find that larger vendors are going to see their value and buy them in order to increase market share, increase profitability and gain new customers for their (the larger businesses) existing products.
Symantec (a sponsor of Small Business Summit 2007) is no longer just a company selling yellow diskettes of Norton Anti-Virus, but is a company selling a complete suite of security and network management solutions for small-medium-big businesses and home users.
This also means that smaller vendors might be squeezed and have a more difficult time competing. As you buy technology hardware or software, the sustainability of the company you are purchasing from needs to be considered.