Using Mash Up Search Engines

I’m sure you’re well acquainted with, Google, MSN< Yahoo and other search engines (are there others). But if you are looking for search results beyond the usual you might want to try out search engine mash ups.
These are web sites that take data from traditional web sites and let you do more.
For example, there’s a search engine called, and unlike Google and other major search sites, it pulls up video, images and text all at the same time, writes the WSJ.
But guess what, this is from Google!
The WSJ reports that many of the house-hold name search engines have other search engines they often use to test different features.
Yahoo Inc. now uses and, both of which it acquired in recent years, to experiment with processes like livesearch, a feature that will start suggesting search terms for you when you type just one letter. Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Live unit recently launched, a search engine where users pose their query to prerecorded video clips of an actress playing the role of Ms. Dewey, a brassy and attractive woman in a low-cut black dress.
Traditional search engines are nice, but there’s many that go beyond traditional search. Which ones have you found useful. Use the comments link and let me know.