Wal-Mart: Using Technology to Schedule Employees – What can you learn?

Instead of determining employee hours by sales promotions and weekly sales figures Wal-Mart managers will use software that measures register sales to better schedule when employees (like cashiers and accounting staff) should be in the store.
As the tech tool of CRM is used to better serve customers, this tech tool (employee scheduling) can be used to better schedule employee hours.
This scheduling software Wal-Mart will start using will help it ensure there are not too many employees or to few employees in stores. In addition, this new scheduling tool will help ensure that when there are a lot of customers, that there are enough staff to service them.
The Wall Street Journal reports this story in today’s edition. Reuters writes The move promises more productivity and consumer satisfaction, but could demand more flexibility and availability from workers in place of reliable shifts and predictable pay checks, the Journal reported.
As your own business looks to grow in 2007 really consider what technology investments you should make that will increase your productivity, profitability, revenue, customer service and overall business operations.
While you are considering how technology can help, keep in mind that side effects of technology on your employees, customers and partners as well. If you are implementing a new technology consider if it increases your profits while making it harder for employees to interact with customers. Or if while saving time, it forces partners to needlessly increase their own transaction time.