Wall Street Journal’s New Design (What you can learn)

I just received the first 2007 issue of the Wall Street Journal and I really like it a lot. (The issue picture here is the old edition) The smaller size makes it much easier to read.
It’s not an easy thing for a publisher to completely re-design its newspaper but when done correctly it’s a good thing.
For weeks the WSJ has let its readers know about the new changes of the WSJ so readers have known it was coming.
What does this mean for you
1. Be it your web site, technology in your office (or that faces customers) – change is good.
2. Change is good if it’s executed well and those affected are ready for it.
3. Consider your web site, your business processes, the technology you use or etc.
When considering changes to technology, such as Windows Vista (for example) there are several things you have to consider. The costs, how it affects what software you are using now, how its new design could affect your employees, is what you have sufficient.
Also remember training when changing. Change brings something new and many employees may not easily embrace the new technology. Make sure you show them how the change will benefit THEM and that you will be there (in person or in proxy) to help them make the transition.
While change is good, don’t just change for the sake of changing, change for the sake of improvement.