When Web Site “Help” Goes Too Far

The Wall Street Journal writes that sometimes online retailers go too far in trying to help customers shop online. Good point to keep in mind as you consider your next web site upgrade.
When shoppers come to your web site they often have questions about the products they are purchasing, need more information on the compatibility if their new purchase works with what they have. If they are purchasing clothing maybe they can’t tell what kind of fabric it is or something.
What does this mean to you?
While your Web 1.0 retail web site definitely needs a refreshment you don’t want to make the mistake that some retailers have made on their web sites as the WSJ reports.
Overstock.com told a customer – “since he was an important customer” – they’d let a customer cancel an order even though their fine print said they don’t usually allow this.
Many clothing retailers let customers try clothes on virtual bodies. QVC realized that customers were returning purses and added a “see how it fits” tool to its web site so customers could get a better idea of how purses fit on them.
Here’s how you can improve your web site:
1. Ask your customers what they want and compile a top 10 list of the best suggestions; rolling out the top and other suggestions in phases
2. Fine tune your features and track how they are working. If you are getting complaints, act quickly on them.
3. Check out your competition. See what you can do better and see what you should NOT do.
4. Overall think of who you can improve your web site!