Windows Vista: It’s about if you need a computer not Vista

Retailers will be hoping to get a good number of you into their stores on the eve and days following the official launch of Vista at the end of this month. But the focus will not be so much on just buying Vista – because many of you will not buy it alone.

Instead it’s a matter of if you need a computer or not for many of you. If you have a pretty good computer that’s running just fine, no need to add Vista to it. If you have a slow computer, you won’t want to put Vista on it in any case.
Cnet writes “This is not going to be a Black Friday launch,” said Circuit City Vice President Elliot Becker, referring to the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. “But I think it is still going to have a big impact in the market.”
CompUSA, which is going the farthest by keeping all of its stores open late, said it wants to ensure it can offer enthusiasts a first crack at Vista.

If you bought a computer recently, you can get a free upgrade to Vista from a PC vendor participating in Microsoft’s Express upgrade program.
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