The World of Skype for Business

Skype started out as a free tool for consumers to use to call friends and family all over the world. Of course, like instant messaging, people started using it for business and the rest is history.
Skype has now been offering Skype for business which has more robust tools geared towards business users – like central management, for example. It recently announced that Skype for Business is going even further and offering even more tools.
The press release reads – With additional new features unveiled recently, Skype has also made it easier for businesses to install and manage Skype. Skype can be easily installed on multiple computers using the Windows Installer package (commonly known as MSI), giving IT Administrators greater control over how Skype communications traffic runs across their corporate networks.
An online control panel enables companies to allocate individual users with Skype credits that can be used to make cheap SkypeOutô calls to traditional landline phones or mobiles and provides a consolidated view of what is being spent.
Meanwhile, Skype is working collaboratively too. Together with its partners it has been working on a range of new business productivity tools, called Extras: these include the Convenos web conference and collaboration service, a package called Unyte which enables users to share the view off their PC desktop and a Skype-enabled call-centre offering from ACD.
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