Archive of February 2007

Cell Phone Commerce Via RFID

I’ve heard of companies using the cell phone as a tool for ecommerce. Many of these solutions use the cell phone to transmit information from your account to the retailer (or an intermediary) in order to complete a transaction. However, ViVOTech is working on a solution that will embed RFID technology in cell phones to […]

Google Raise the Bar with Online Software

Many of you have been using Google’s free applications, which include hosted email, word processing, spreadsheet and calendar services. Google has upped the offering and now has a paid version, $50 per year, offering much more support and storage. What does this mean for your business? Right now it means nothing. Do not stop using […]

Constant Contact Gets an Upgrade

This is not the most earth shattering news you’re going to read about. But Constant Contact, one of the leading email newsletter services, has refreshed their interface. I logged on last night, as I use their services, and saw the fresh new interface. It’s looks cleaner and much better. What does this mean to you? […]

Making RSS Come ALIVE!!

RSS – Really Simple Syndication – is an awesome technology. It’s great for two main reasons. 1. You can push content to individual users and keep them updated on all sorts of information 2. You can use it to display content from other web sites on your web site. However, reading about these two points […]

The Hype of Second Life

Second Life is a virtual world where virtual people spend money, buy things, have houses, party and do just about everything they do in the real world. My warning to you is to not get caught up in the hype. Enjoy Second Life for pleasure, but not for your business. Large businesses have the time, […]

Jamcracker – Streamlining Hosting Applications

Hosted Applications are a wonderful way to streamline your business data and be more efficient. There’s no software to install, all of your employees have access to the new application quickly and your existing software won’t crash due to newly installed software. The problem with using hosted applications is that if you are using several […]