AT and T’s Small Business Resources. Good Start…But

Vendors producing small business web sites are not new.
AT and T recently released it’s own “small business web site” here.

Dell’s recently launched a Dell 360 web site and many others vendors such as Microsoft and Intuit have had them for years. What are these web sites for?
Since it costs very little, in comparison to other aspects of these vendor’s web sites I think companies do it to offer users already on their sites information to help their businesses – a value add if you will. Some companies, like Microsoft are not just doing it as a value add but closely integrate their product information with the business information.
In looking over the site, my first reaction is congrats to AT and T for doing this.
However, I hope the site improves. Of course there’s NO need for AT and T to compete with existing sites such as,, and other great web sites.
However, if AT and T and other companies are going to invest resources in building a “small business” web site, the lame sites that some companies have should be beefed up with more information, not just links to SCORE and SBTV.
Rich content in various areas is one solution. SB Resources, New York Enterprise Report and other media companies provide services like this.
What does this mean to you?
If you are looking to create an added value area of your web site, make sure its FILLED with valuable information for the intended audience.