The Beauty of Online Networking: Finding nextSTEPH

Since the end of January my RSS feeds have not been updating. I tried to figure this problem out doing everything I could think of to get to update the RSS feeds. Nothing I did worked.
Over the weekend I met Stephanie M. Cockerl, founder and principal of nextSTEPH. We met “virtually” in one of our online discussion groups.
We were “talking” about some other work, then I asked her if she could help me with my problem.
She said she’d give it a try.
A few minutes later she emailed me and said that she solved the problem. It was one of those “silly” and easily looked over errors. Her experienced I saw a trailing slash (“/”) somewhere and solved the problem.
What does this mean to you?
Even though you might be Mr. Technologist (like people say I am) nothing beats the expertise of a professional whose work, day in and day out, is all about the problem you need help with.
If you’re wondering why your web site is not operating as well as it should be maybe you need to hire a professional to update its look and/or do some search engine marketing.
Maybe your network keeps going down and you’ve done everything you you can do to get it to work right. Have you considered that it might be time to have a network expert take a look?
Don’t expect your expert to be FREE or cheap. The most important thing you want is for them to be GOOD and to solve the problem.
If you are looking for an online marketing & media expert, contact Stephanie of nextSTEPH. Tell her Ramon said hi!