Caspio – Powerful Online Databases with Minimal Effort

I first heard about Caspio when they were first starting out in the early 2000’s. I was impressed now and I’m more impressed now their online databases.
Databases are a critical part of bringing your web site to LIFE.
A static web site is fine for just starting out, but a web site that lets you dynamically capture, edit and display information is powerful and can be used for so many purposes.
One of the challenges in creating these databases is the programming required to make the database.
A powerful Caspio database can be built with no programming. Of course you can get real fancy and add programming to the mix.
There are competing products just as Intuit’s Quickbase and
You can create a basic online database or a full scale, database driven application with Caspio. Your database and/or application can include powerful, data driven web forms, data searches and reports.
Some of the custom applications built with Caspio include Lead management, Membership systems, Online ordering, Document libraries, Surveys, Sweepstakes, Classified ads, Real estate listings, Customer database, Event signup, Online directories, Newsletter subscriptions, HR automation, Bug database, Feedback forms and Product catalogs.