Get Rid of Localized Collaboration with Web Based Collaboration Tools

With interest I clicked over to Forbes list of web based collaboration tools, but was disappointed as their list was so Google heavy.
Google makes a nice suite of tools, but there are other companies making pretty interesting tools as well. ZDNet wrote about Word Perfect Lightning.
Non-Google tools from Forbes included: Zoho, Bluetie (I love their hosted email), Basecamp, and wikis.
This is not the main point of my comments, but just an observation.
Being able to do something simple like edit a document with a virtual team in an efficient manner saves so much time.
Having a team work together where everyone knows the latest status of the project, can find all documents related to the document, see past revisions and have one place for graphics, audio and video makes collaboration wonderful.
Currently many businesses have localized collaboration.
This means that with there’s 10 people on a team, they store files on their local hard disk and have to worry about the latest versions and finding information in a growing stack of digital junk.
Think of the start of a 3 month project. By the time you get to month 2, the first weeks data is old but still on your hard disk and you still have to sift through it each time when you want to find something.
Leverage web based collaboration tools!