Herding Cats: Harnessing Data Is More Difficult

As your business grows you’ll find that you have data all over the place. Customer data, sales data, web site data, images, sound files and so much more. When you’re a very small business, this is really not a problem, but as your business grows you need a way to ensure you can more easily manage all your data.

Although IBM’s Information Server is probably much more for businesses on the larger side of things, it’s important that you are aware of options available to you so that as your business grows you can make decisions based on future growth not knee-jerk solutions.
IBM Information Server does the following:
Cleanse information
Data quality enhancement to identify, correct, match, standardize and reconcile inaccurate or redundant data.
Connect information
Consolidation, synchronization, and distribution across disparate databases.
Federate information
Information access and integration for diverse data and content as if it were a single resource, regardless of where the information resides.
Transform information
Data transformation and delivery to get data of any complexity from any sources, format and deliver it to any targets, within or outside the enterprise, at the right time.
Understand information
Automated data profiling and analysis to unlock the mystery of source data content and structure.