How to Set Up a Secure Home Network

Where’s your small business? MANY of you have your business empires in your homes – probably the perfect place to start many a business. Low overhead is one reason.

One thing common to your home business and corporate located business is your computer network. You must ensure your home network is as protected as any other network.
Cora Nucci, Editor, Small Biz Resource, writes an extensive article on setting up a home network.
Five points it makes about security are:
1. Change the SSID of your router. Use a name that’s innocuous and doesn’t refer to your business.
2. Disable your wireless router’s “SSID Broadcast setting.” This will prevent random snoopers from seeing or detecting your Wi-Fi network through ordinary means.
3. Set up either 128-bit WEP encryption of Windows’ WPA encryption. This is a fairly easy process that varies depending on your router’s software.
4. Enable the firewall on your wireless router (if you have one).
Read the full article here.