Jamcracker – Streamlining Hosting Applications

Hosted Applications are a wonderful way to streamline your business data and be more efficient. There’s no software to install, all of your employees have access to the new application quickly and your existing software won’t crash due to newly installed software.

The problem with using hosted applications is that if you are using several hosted applications, with several employees, you’re running into an administrative nightmare. How do you manage all of the accounts across the various applications?
Jamcracker has a solution.
Jamcracker’s initial plan was to aggregate and deliver services. They modified this model to enable channel partners to resell a range of hosted services to end users. Jamcracker stays in the background and automates and streamlines billing and settlement.
If you are an independent software vendor Jamcracker can host your application in their Service Deliver Network On Demand Marketplace.
If you’re an end user you can sign up to use Jamcracker’s network to streamline your use of hosted applications.
ISPs and telecommunication providers would use Jamcracker’s network to sell additional services to customers – increasing revenue and adding more value to their offerings.
I quickly browsed the applications in Jamcracker’s network and there are several there. If you are going to go with Jamcracker you are of course limited to what applications they have in their network.
It would be great to see them add Constant Contact, Gotvmail, Office Live and a range of other applications.