Making RSS Come ALIVE!!

RSS – Really Simple Syndication – is an awesome technology. It’s great for two main reasons.
1. You can push content to individual users and keep them updated on all sorts of information
2. You can use it to display content from other web sites on your web site.
However, reading about these two points and really maximizing RSS are two different things.
Clickz writes:
Sites need screen shots on Web pages and more enticing copy to explain exactly how RSS can benefit users. Contrast an orange XML button and its sibling “What’s This?” link with questions like the following in their ability to explain the benefits of subscribing to an RSS feed:
* Would you like to read other reviews of this product as they appear?
* Would you like to know when we release the new version of this device?
* Do you want to know when new accessories in this product line become available?

Are you ensuring that your web site is enabling your users to maximize their use of RSS?
RSS is not going to replace email, but it’s another way of communicating to your customers. It’s a value added option that can give your customers richer communication options than they now how.
Check out some of the ideas in the Clickz article and see what you can apply to your own business.

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