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No matter what business you’re running, you surely have stumbled upon the following five common issues in your marketing endeavors. Coming up with a decent marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business.
However, feeling your way around and relying on your gut feeling is hardly the best way to proceed. bluevizia Marketing Manager is here to help you develop situation analyses, what-if scenarios and solution strategies. When you’re dealing with your marketing issues, it’s a natural support for your decision process.
1. Decide on the information you need
For anyone trying to run a business, one of the major tasks is to map the competitive landscape. By understanding the market, your product and competition, you’ll be able to react to opportunities as they arise.
A sound marketing strategy should be based on information about the market, target customer group, competition, positioning, the product or service you are selling, pricing, advertising and promotion. The process of selecting which ones you need is a lengthy and confusing one.
A certain way of doing this is to use marketing software like bluevizia Marketing Manager to help you understand what kind of information you need. By following a wizard and answering some questions you can get a good idea of what you need. You must know how you stack up against your competition – metrics like price, performance, brand awareness, product life cycle, etc. are crucial for evaluating your market situation.
2. Deal with the lack of background knowledge
Once you have settled on the types of info needed, you must be able to interpret what you have gathered. bluevizia Marketing Manager has all the necessary expertise and tools for you to sort out your metrics. It is readily available on your computer so you don’t need to spend that much time to turn yourself into a marketing wiz. Yet you will have a full control and understanding of both your core business and that marketing knowledge, thus making the most out of your company’s current standing.
3. Prepare your analysis
When you have sorted out the information you have gathered, you need to analyze it. It may turn out to be a staggering option to deal with all that number crunching and raw data you have. If you are having a hard time seeing trends through the sheer numbers, it is necessary to put them into a format that will be easily comprehensible.
No matter whether the data is meant for you, your business partner or some client whom you are consulting, you would want it to be neatly and professionally presented, indicating that you are serious about what you’re doing. The right chart can make all the difference for you – it lets you see facts that will remain hidden otherwise.
The application makes use of the time the experts have spent thinking and designing – you can visualize your research and historical data in the best possible way. Charts can be altered easily and as often as necessary, no matter how complex the data behind them is. Then conclusions are drawn automatically for you by analyzing everything in a snap.
4. Select a strategy, learn something new or confirm your gut feeling
The right marketing strategy helps slice the market and serve only the segments of interest to you by tailoring product offerings, prices, distribution, promotional efforts, and services towards them. In a perfect world the strategy should address unmet customer needs that offer an adequate potential profitability. A good strategy helps a business focus on the target markets it can serve best.
It would be nice if you could be offered a professionally developed one, based on your market situation. And if any metric changes or you think it will eventually, you can react by simply tweaking the plan with a single mouse click. Of course, you may want to play around with more than one metric, or you may want to explore a few “what-ifs”. This is also perfectly achievable within the software.
5. Time and labor consuming
Time is money. You knew that all along, didn’t you? Well, selecting the metrics you need, gathering the necessary info, building your spreadsheet model and analyzing it takes up a considerable amount of time and a lot of work. You may even be tempted to quit doing all that stuff because it takes away too much of your limited time. The matter of fact is that it is crucial for your business and you can’t afford to throw it away just like that.
If a quick reference is needed, your information must be readily available. You need a tool that’ll save you most of the time and effort. In comes bluevizia Marketing Manager.
You can’t have too much effort put into your marketing analysis, it is simply never overkill. The important point is to “work wiser, not harder” and putting intelligent software to use is a certain way to achieve that. The speed and correctness of the decisions based on such software will provide a competitive edge for you. Thus it is not enough to know how to do your marketing right; it is also important to be able to do it in a precise and timely manner.