Nitix: Beyond A Server. A Platform for Lotus Applications

If you thought Lotus was dead – you’re wrong. Lotus is quite alive and well and many businesses want to use it for their collaboration, email and overall information management and work flow.

Seeing this trend, Net Integration Technology’s has developed an operating system, NitixBlue, which bundles IBM’s Lotus Dominoe Express into an easy to use server appliance perfect for small businesses.
NitixBlue also offers NitixApp Express – a web interface that provides a menu of pre-certified Lotus Domino applications for one-click purchase and installation. Offered with the SMB simplicity in mind, these applications will be easier to deploy.
Nitix is an easy to use server appliance, competing head to head with Microsoft’s Small Business Server, Novel Small Business Suite and other small business focused servers and appliances.
With NitixBlue, customers have the flexibility to use a variety of client software, making it transparent to Windows users. Customers can continue to use the Microsoft Outlook client (no learning curve!) yet still benefit from the renowned Lotus Domino robustness, stability, and support, reads Nitix’s web site.
What I find very impressive about Nitix is that they have emerged from being “just a server appliance” to being a foundation for specialized applications.
Nitix also provides Sage ACCPAC ERP for customers as well.