RemoBiz for Outlook from Remoba

You might think that everyone in the world is sipping their Starbucks’ Coffee, while clicking on a BlackBerry. It might seem like that, but everyone’s not doing it. Trust me. Millions of people, millions of smaller businesses have simple phones to talk.
But guess what – at times you probably wanted to access your email remotely or wished your employees could.
There is hope, Remoba has a new tool out, RemoBiz which enables any BREW enabled phone to access their Outlook email, calendar and contacts.
RemoBiz enables regular phones to be smartphones.
With advanced administrative features, RemoBiz allows an administrator to manage corporate contacts and groups from the office. Business-only use of the phone is maintained with a lockdown feature that limits calls to contacts stored on employees’ mobile phones. Productivity is increased as employees can schedule meetings, invite meeting attendees and set up a tentative schedule – regardless of location.
BREW is a development platform for mobile devices. BREW compatible devices can be found here.
RemoBiz is not the first product from Remoba. Check out its other products for ways to extend your “regular” cell-phone, to a smartphone!