RSA – Securing the Data, Not Just the Network

Securing your network is important. There are hackers and rogue employees just waiting to get their un-authorized hands on your data. However, one part of security that you should consider is also encrypting your data.
What if a hacker gets past your network?
Having your data encrypted means it will be useless to a hacker, even if they do get to your data. RSA sees a shift happening towards encryption. Art Coviello, RSA President spoke with Cnet about this issue on the occasion of the annual RSA security conference.
The RSA president sees the security industry finally moving from defending the perimeter of a network to actually locking down the data within, he said in an interview. It is a message he has been repeating for years at the RSA Conference, but this year, he expects to see evidence of a response.
Coviello’s words matter. Not only because he’s spotted a shift that’s important in a world where data breaches make headlines almost every day. His company, taken over last year by storage giant EMC, also exemplifies the ongoing consolidation and maturation of the security industry.

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