RSS as a Corporate Asset with NewsGator On-Demand

Incoming information, into a company is often a haphazard experience. It’s left up to individual employees to get their own news and there’s little though of making it a corporate asset.

With RSS feeds and blogs, news is no longer limited to the “main stream media”.
NewsGator Enterprise OnDeman is an enterprise RSS reader, hosted, for companies to better manage their inbound information.
It offers the following features:
Centralized Administration – Manage users, groups and subscriptions
Discovery – Customize a taxonomy based on functions, products or practices
Devices and Platforms – In addition to the Web, use any of NewsGator’s e-mail, desktop and mobile readers and keep articles synchronized
Collaboration – Clip articles and distribute to others, forward via e-mail and IM
Branding – Customize the look and feel to match corporate intranets
NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand is available for a free, 30-day trial here. After the trial period, the product’s annually renewable subscription is priced at $100 per user per year.
I usually don’t include customer comments, as they are often just what you expect selected customers to say for a press release. However, I think these customer comments help illustrate the product.
“Most of our employees use disparate RSS readers to stay on top of the news. NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand allows all of our workers to find and share relevant feeds, which ultimately makes collaboration easier,” said Josh Jacobs, president of X1 Technologies. “Now, we can easily and efficiently share relevant information with each other, without a big learning curve. NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand will save us huge amounts of time company-wide while also improving the flow of information and knowledge.”
“Knowledge is the heart of everything our organization does and ensuring that our research staff receive the relevant information they need to do their jobs is critical to delivering quality products and services,” said Karen Huffman, manager of Knowledge Initiatives for the National Geographic Society. “Our library team has tested and used a handful of RSS readers to save time scanning across a wide set of sources. NewsGator On-Demand provides the opportunity to assist with selection and dissemination of relevant RSS-based information to our users.”