Secure Payment and Financial Management Through Windows Vista

Denver based IP Commerce, Inc., a software company enabling open payments services between businesses, and the PASS (Payments as a Secure Service) Consortium, recently announced – PASS Commerce Center, a unique offering intended for small businesses using Windows Vista Business.
What PASS and IP Commerce enabled smaller businesses to do is better manage their money and save time on transactions.
PASS Commerce Center is a comprehensive financial management solution designed to help small businesses succeed by saving them time spent on financial management, providing them with improved protection of their customer data and transactions, and giving them greater visibility into their company’s cash position. Small businesses using Windows Vista Business can use PASS Commerce Center to view cash flow, present invoices, take new forms of payment, apply for financing and discover new services, directly from the Windows Vista desktop.
PASS Commerce Center has the following features:
Credit Card Processing: Chase Paymentech enables a business computer to become a point-of-sale terminal for credit card payment processing.
Financial Solutions: CIT provides businesses access to financing, including payment protection, small business loans and equipment financing.
Remote Deposit: BankServ’s remote check deposit service eliminates trips to the bank and automates payment posting to accounts receivable applications.
EDI Pay: Technology from Internet Commerce Corporation facilitates the electronic exchange of business documents with trading partners.
Email Invoicing: PayPal allows small businesses to generate payment-enabled invoices, receive online payments, and gain insight to real-time payment information through the PASS Gadget.
Many of these services are available through other providers, but PASS offers them bundled through a central platform.
PASS Commerce Center contains two complementary elements to provide a holistic financial management experience, PASS Cash Management Center and the PASS Gadget. PASS Cash Management Center pulls from financial account information sources to display a consolidated, updated picture of a company’s cash flow. The PASS Gadget provides real-time messaging to the user, displaying financial alerts from connected financial resources and notification of new products and services. PASS Commerce Center also has many of the unique features of the Windows Vista operating system including the Windows sidebar, Windows Security Center and other security features, Instant Search, and Windows Presentation Foundation for a more secure, user-focused experience.