Strengthening Weak Links: ERP Continues to Make Businesses More Efficient.

Since deploying ERP, with its suite of financial and distribution modules that automate their business management, SBI Distribution has improved delivery of shipments by one full day, trimmed invoicing time from 8 hours to 15 minutes, and reduced outstanding credit notes by 80 percent, since the company is now able to easily invoice what customers actually receive, rather than invoicing what they’ve picked from the warehouse using the old system.
I took this snippet from a Sage success story as I wanted to wet your thirst for ERP systems, without biasing you on a particular vendor. (Go back and re-read this and put “Sage” in front of the words “ERP”) With that in mind, credit goes to where credit is due – Sage in this case.
As your business grows you can’t grow a thriving business with gum, spit and string. You MUST have an integrated system in place to harness your data into information.
Sage, SAP, Microsoft, NetSuite, Everest, Intuit and other companies offer competing ERP solution, to varying degrees. What’s important is to consider what you NEED (and want) for your business and find the partner that can best offer the solution.
Don’t get blind sided by fancy bells and whistles.
Sure this is a Sage case study, and it’s going to be glowing. But ERP has REAL value. If you want your business to grow your MUST consider bringing together your disconnected silos of information into a connected and integrated environment. Not just with email and a blog, but beyond that.
What other benefits did Sage’s customer experience?
Sage’s ERP system also helps on the front end, helping SBI process walk-in business at the warehouse as well as top-priority orders. The system paid for itself in only five months after being deployed, with SBI Distribution realizing $1 million a year in additional revenue that previously was simply lost sales. Further efficiency and administrative cost savings come from SBI’s mobile salespeople now being able to access key financial data directly from the the ERP system remotely via laptops and hand-held devices.