Using Your Search Engine for Explosive Sales

I’ve written about this for years and I was VERY excited to see the Wall Street Journal cover it in Tuesday’s edition. What is it? Using your web site queries as a powerful sales tool!
Let’s say you make cotton green socks, with rubberized feet. When you examine your search logs you might find that people keep typing, “pink cotton socks”. It so happens that you don’t sell pink socks.
Your search engine is now telling you that your customers want pink cotton socks.
Why not take advance orders and consider producing them?
The article writes that National Instruments sold products that required buyers to install circuit boards in their desktop computers. Research showed that engineers searching the National Instruments web site were increasingly attaching “USB” to their queries. Guess what? National Instruments decided to sell new versions of its products with a USB interface.
WSJ continues Siemens Medical Solutions is going a step further in selecting a name for a new personal health-card product based largely on search-related data gleaned from Yahoo and Google tools. The product name hasn’t been finalized, but “the search volume research is driving the decision,” says Inga Broerman, senior manager of interactive marketing at the unit of Germany’s Siemens AG.
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